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want your bad romance

6 January
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demented introduction

Hello, I am Patricia and I’ve always been into sci-fi & fantasy.

At the age of thirteen I watched the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time. I became hooked. Around that time, I read Joan D. Vinge's The Snow Queen and the book made a profound impression on me. It's still one of my favorite reads. I read The Lord of the Rings many years before the movies were made, and loved the movies too.

I really was into Heroes for a while in early 2009 (I saw Series One and Two back to back on DVD), the next seasons had some good stuff but a lot of wasted potential too. I was actually kinda happy they cancelled it before it got too bad.

Thankfully, just when I was going through Heroes withdrawal, the Star Trek reboot came out and it was like a white hot supernova of awesomeness.

I dropped out of LJ for a while because, well, life happens, things come and go. I'm trying to get back on a non-obsessive level.

Also, I recently watched Thor and while Thor is hot damn gorgeous, I was pleasantly impressed with Loki. I always go for the dark, tormented types. But then I saw Captain America and fell in love with Steve's sweet puppy dog face. Go figure. Between this, and the awesomeness of RDJ's Tony Stark, plus Jeremy Renner gearing up to kick ass as Hawkeye, I'm pretty stoked about the upcoming Avengers movie.

If you notice my interest list it will become obvious that my demented behavior involves a wide range of other subjects. And many of them involve porn because that's Rule #34 of the internet. I wish I could write more, but life gets in the way...

rabid fandoms

Marvel // Star Wars // Star Trek // Heroes

fandom ships

Marvel: Steve/Tony, Erik/Charles, Thor/Loki, Deadpool/Little Yellow Boxes

Star Trek: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/Chekov

Heroes: Peter/Nathan, Peter/Sylar, Sylar/Mohinder, Sylar/Luke

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